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Native Hawaiian Flora & Fauna

Woodcut Artwork


Woodcut and Linoleum Original Artwork

My prints are handmade in small batches on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. I am inspired by my island home and I also enjoy thinking about who has lived here before me. I pay special care to the animals that inhabit this unique environment, considering where and how they make their homes, too. Looking at the winds, waves, and landscapes around me, I notice patterns and changing directions in my surroundings. Together, these ideas all come together as I create a little world in each of my images.

I carve my original block prints on sheets of wood or linoleum. I then ink the areas that are not carved and print the images onto paper using a traditional printing press. With the help of a production printer, I also make these images into small journals, magnets, and cards. Inspired by Hawai‘i, my handmade prints and other artist-designed items reveal my fascination with this incredible place that I call home. 


Woodcut Print Cards

Send personal messages to your favorite people with these unique cards of Hawaiian scenes.

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Woodcut Print Travel Journals

Record your journey in a simple travel journal featuring block print images made on Maui.


Woodcut Print Magnets

These woodcut print magnets for your fridge or bulletin board inspire you to visit Hawaii again. And again. 


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The Woodcut Process